May 27, 2009


Right now, it is 11:11 at night. I am sitting in the living room of my flat. We just got home from seeing Jersey Boys (AMAZING, by the way). I should be in bed. I have a workout class at 8, chapel at 10 and class at 10:30, but I'm just so very awake. We're on the third floor, but the noises from the city creep in through the windows. London. My home. The city is so alive. We make friends everywhere we go. How can two countries that share a language be so incredibly different? I don't understand. But I see it everywhere. The people are friendly. They ask where we're from as soon as a conversation starts. They walk everywhere. Seriously. It's insane. But I love it. I hear a skateboard outside. A lively group just walked by, probably going home from a pub. Barcelona played Man U tonight. It was a disappointing game for all of the adoring Manchester fans in my flat. Flat Five. That's where I live. With five girls that I didn't know before we landed in London two weeks ago. I love these girls. We're living on the edge of the theatre district. We can walk to almost all of the theatres. Tonight was Jersey Boys. We've also seen Chicago and Spring Awakening. Tomorrow, we're going to Wicked. Such incredible opportunities for us. We have classes. Believe it or not, class in London isn't any better than class in Searcy. It is so worth it. Living in London. What an incredible gift.

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