January 15, 2010


Let me define "Awkward Lobby Couple" (ALC) for you...just in case there's any confusion...which there seems to be.

1. PDA of any kind (including but not limited to: kissing, rubbing, holding hands, awkwardly long eye contact and sitting on each other) is awkward.
2. Fighting in the lobby is awkward.
3. Overly ridiculous proclamations of love are awkward.
4. Sitting and not speaking is awkward.
5. Sitting in the lobby for longer than an hour (especially as long as 8 hours) is so awkward.
6. Singing together, watching movies together, or listening to music on a computer while sharing headphones is awkward.
7. Laying on each other is awkward.
8. If the boy is waiting in the lobby for longer than 15 minutes, it becomes awkward.

Basically, if you're dating and not just doing homework together, you are an awkward lobby couple. And at the first sign of PDA, you are automatically labeled as such. Please keep this mind when choosing to congregate in the Kendall lobby. Just remember that we judge you. And talk about you long after you've gone. And chances are, if you're an awkward lobby couple who spends a lot of time there, we probably have a nickname for you that we use in public. Possibly even in front of you. Thank you, and have a great night.

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