February 10, 2011

the house

Remember the auction?
Remember how they were going to Michigan?
Well they did.
And now they're back.
It's a complicated story that I won't get into.
The bottom line is that they're back in the house.
And so a few weekends ago, I spent a night there with them.

We did laundry (everyone helped fold), ate chicken and rice and watched lots of really old tv shows that I only love when my Poppy is laughing in the chair next to me.

There were 2 envelopes in the mailbox. One for each to open. And there they were, on their porch in the beautiful January sun. They savored the unseasonably warm day and I got to watch. She loves that man, my Memaw does.
And there's such beauty in the quiet with them.
I took advantage of the quiet.
I took pictures of them.

Some wonderful neighbors stopped by.
Poppy got to hold little Autumn.
We all smiled, watching the two of them.
And then I left, promising to return soon.

Tuesday was my Poppy's birthday.
Autumn's mommy made him a homemade chocolate pie (his favorite).
He talks about her pies every day.
My grandparents are so precious.

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Morgan said...

Your grandparents are adorable and these pictures are so great! They remind me of all of the reasons why I love spending time with my grandparents- the peace and the quiet, the simplicity. Being with my grandparents always reminds me of everything that important in life.