September 16, 2009


I'm working on a project. I like it a lot. We'll call it my truth journal. Really, it's a journal of truth and lies, but the truth is all that matters. Anyway, I got the idea from my conversations with a woman that I love. For me, it's about being proactive. It's good for me to be able to open a journal and see the lies that I've been told and believed. So here's the process:

1) Pray. I open my heart to God and ask Him to reveal to me where I've allowed Satan's voice to creep in more loudly than His. This is a very important first step.

2) Write the word "lie". I write it five times on my page. I skip a few lines in between, but I always do five at a time. Sometimes, it's a struggle to come up with five. Sometimes, my heart is overflowing with the identification of lies that I've been told. Of course, if I'm writing and God has put more than five lies on my heart, I will write them all.

3) Start at the top. I write down the lies that God shows me. Sometimes they surprise me. Sometimes they seem too obvious. But I write everything that is put on my heart.

4) Reflect. I look back on the things that have been revealed to me. I pray over each one and ask God to remove the lies from my thoughts. I ask Him to help me identify when I'm giving into the lies.

5) Find the truth. I open His word. Sometimes, this part of the process doesn't come until later. I have entire pages filled with scripture. I write the promises that He has given me. Sometimes, the truth is a direct contradiction to one of my lies. In that case, I write it on the same page. It's comforting to know that when I'm starting to believe one of the lies, I can open my journal and find God's truth for my life.

This has been one of the most powerful exercises I have ever done. I try to find the time to write some every day. Sometimes they're lies that seem so obvious and small, but if Satan can use it to pull the darkness around me again, I want them on paper. I'm loving my truth journal and the fact that it gets me in my Bible every day. It's an awesome long-term project. I can't wait to see where God takes this!


Brooke McGlothlin said...

I SO love this Katie. The only way we can fight the lie is with the TRUTH! I'm proud of you inspiring!

Sisterlisa said...

Sounds like a useful tool for your growth. People don't like to be told what they believe is a lie, but when we write about it as our own personal testimony of growth it is easier to swallow. May God empower you to share your growth this way.