May 15, 2010


ETA: PICTURES!!!!!!!!! Only a few months late :)

Carla (my mom) and I went to Geneva for the day today and OH. MY. WORD. I'm in love with it. It's the cutest little town with these precious little shops. I found all kinds of ADORABLE things and in every single store that we went into, I found at least something that I'm going to want in my house someday. Seriously. Obsessed. Anyway, I got some really great pictures. I'm too lazy to go get my camera cord right now (...because I'm house sitting and my camera cord is at home...not that I would get it even if I were at home right now...) but get ready. You'll be obsessed with it too!

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Morgan said...

I remembered that you posted about Geneva a long time ago and I'd been dying to see the pictures! You're right. I'm obsessed. It's all SO cute, I can barely stand it! I'm pretty sure that any place with cupcake shops and bright yellow bicycles is bound to be fabulous. I love it!